Fright Podcast Launching Soon – Submit Your Short Stories

Fright podcast will be launching shortly and we need your stories. Do you love horror, thrillers, and suspense as much as we do? Have your short story featured on our podcast for free. We are offering a platform for writers to have their stories told. It will be professionally narrated and released to the world. You’ll receive a credit during the show as well as a short bio at the end of your story. We’ll feature you on our blog and social media accounts as well.

Ready to share your scary story with the world? Email it to

Your story must be:
-5,000 words or less.
-100% edited for grammar and punctuation.
-Concerned about proper pronunciation? Don’t worry. If chosen, our narrator will be in contact with you.
-When we say scary, we mean scary. These stories do not need to be edited for family enjoyment. Each episode will have a disclaimer at the beginning to alert listeners to graphic content, language, etc. So, let your horror flag fly.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be chosen and we will have too many submissions to reach out to everyone. If you don’t hear back in 30 days, we chose not to feature you. Please don’t give up! Re-submit or send us another story. Writers don’t always get it right the first time. They re-write. That’s what makes them writers.

Questions? Email us.


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