Ep 2 – The Cold Dark Box by Grant Hayward

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The Cold Dark Box is the story of a young woman who wakes to find herself in her very own coffin with no idea how she got there or why.

You can find more of Grant Hayward’s  writings on his blog: Super G’s Pressed Words. After quitting a career in law, Grant moved from South Africa to Asia to be a teacher.  He now teaches English and Creative Writing in Bangkok, where he spends his spare being a regular guy.  He has a love for music, books, photography, and travel.  Contrary to popular belief, Grant is actually a nice guy. Sometimes.

Also on this week’s episode, 2-sentence horror stories by Mark Loproto.

Mark is a full-time freelance writer who spends his spare time cooking up literary horrors, gaming, and still being a kid with his wife, Toni.
Prototype Writing
The Spirit of Gaming


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